Rome wasn’t built in a day. But your car will be washed in 20 minutes!!Check out our packages and addons included.( Car Detailing Service )


At Carmate, we are a team of auto enthusiasts who are dedicated towards High end Detailing. We totally vibe with you when you say, ‘Things do not look good until they are perfect; whether it is our shoes, clothes or car!”


Welcome to Carmate

Carmate India is a platform provide car service at your door step platform ,developed .We at go by three A’ s of automobiles – Affordable , Accessible & Authentic .

We Ensure to deliver affordable , easily accessible and efficient on -demand car service anytime , any where , be it at your home or workspace . we promise to go above and beyond to keep you and your wheels happy by providing high – quality car – washes ,Detailing , interior – exterior cleaning and personal visits or inspiration carried out by our carmate team of experts machanics. Car Detailing Service Carmate is an Online portal that proves to be your all in one  pitch stop for your four wheeler needs and requirements to be fulfilled at your door step .


Normal Car Wash by Carmate india
Normal Car Wash
Carmate is providing service of foam wash in kanpur
Foam Wash
Carmate India providing facality interior cleaning to your car at your doorstep
Interior Cleaning

Improper techniques and bad products used by “at-home” car washers have a significant negative impact on the car’s paint. Dirty cloth, hard shampoos and excessive scrubbing cause swirl marks and scratches on the paint, and makes the car dull or old-looking.
At Carmate, we use specialized car cleaners like engine Car Detailing Service cleaners/degreasers, car shampoos, tar removers, alloy wheel cleaners, etc. to remove specific impurities from the vehicle’s
surface. Carmate professionals use the right techniques to wash your vehicle, ensuring every nook and corner is cleaned effectively.

Exterior Cleaning services providing by carmate India in kanpur
Exterior Cleaning
Full Detailing service by carmate india serving in kanpur
Full Detailing

What Our Clients Say

Car mate services are awesome team is good and cooperative

Vinnet gupta

You don’t need to instruct anything to them, they are well qualified & ‘can do’ attitude makes the difference.
Everyone should try once here if you really want a personal care to your vehicle.


For all your car maintenance needs their is friendly partner in CAR MATE .

Vishal singh​